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Discussion in 'Media' started by rubik_cube_man, Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. rubik_cube_man

    rubik_cube_man Owner Staff Member Owner Developer

    Voting now open, vote on each of the sites below:

    Minecraft Servers

    Planet Minecraft

    Minecraft Server List

    Make sure you come back tomorrow to vote again!

    How to vote: To vote, go on each of the websites, by clicking the link above. Each website is different. What you have to do is to fill out the capcha. This can be clicking on the pictures it tell you to, or just to simply copy the numbers. Once you have done this, you can enter your username into the username box. Then press the VOTE button and your vote will be sent to our server.
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  2. Divvy1

    Divvy1 Member

  3. Divvy1

    Divvy1 Member

    Gonna Vote Now :3
  4. Tibo789

    Tibo789 Member

    what can you do with the points?
  5. Kule

    Kule Member

  6. Tibo789

    Tibo789 Member

    and what can you do with the votes ? :)
  7. rubik_cube_man

    rubik_cube_man Owner Staff Member Owner Developer

    Currently all you can do is use the points that you get from voting in the skywars shop, which is soon to come out. These points will soon work their way onto other servers, but its still a good idea to keep voting, and collecting to points for whenever they come to the server that you play on!
  8. jinjo90

    jinjo90 Member

    how do you check how many points you have :3
  9. Divvy1

    Divvy1 Member

    Indeed xD
  10. danone3

    danone3 Member

    Gotta get all dem points ;)
  11. can you do a more advanced store in survival that is based off points??? like: food, nether stuff, and tools. (tools could be 2X more when enchanted) they wouldn't be cheap, of course. i think it would be a good idea for point usage. also, a creative store too. it could have rare items that u can't get in the inventory. i'm gonna shutup for now but if u like the ideas i'll start a forum thing on it. i'll be thinking on more ideas that might help! i hope u can upload to 1.7.2 soon! cya!!! :p
  12. u do /points... i think. that's what i heard so... hope i helped u! cya!!! =3
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  13. SGTkuzey

    SGTkuzey Admin Staff Member Administrator

    As far as I remember /points give you actual points.(OP Perks #FTW) I may not be correct though.
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  14. Divvy1

    Divvy1 Member

    Yeah, In Parkour Server, Admins Can Do /points (Points) and get as many points as they desire.
  15. jinjo90

    jinjo90 Member

    hmmmmmmm so what type of chocolate muffins do the admins like :3 xD
  16. rubik_cube_man

    rubik_cube_man Owner Staff Member Owner Developer

    Should be getting points out as soon as possible!
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  17. danone3

    danone3 Member

    YAY! \(^0^)/
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  18. Devon413

    Devon413 Member

    Hey, I have a brother that plays Cubecraft and we vote, but when one of us votes it goes for both of us. Can you see if u can fix it please. If your not busy :D
  19. Superlenny

    Superlenny Member

    Thanks for points :D I vote everyday .
  20. Hallucinated

    Hallucinated Member

    Just a magikarp passing through.
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